Izenstone Wedding, Spanish Fort, Alabama

Izenstone wedding in Spanish Fort, Alabama was the perfect family farm venue for Lilah & Thomas’s garden wedding. Filled with baby ducks, rustic charm and lot’s of laughter. See their modern garden decor come to life…

Lilah + Thomas:

Venue: Izenstone | Number of Guests: 150 | Photographer: Jesi Wilcox | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Wedding Angels Bridal | Groomsmen’s Attire: WA Bridal | Hair & Makeup: Olivia Rumbley | Videographer: Steve Frank | Florist: Flower Moxie | Cake: Meg Clark | DJ: DJs By The Bay – Jason Skelton

“In the vast sky of life, their hearts soared together, like a pilot’s plane chasing the horizon.”

Firstly, Izenstone is a fantastic wedding location. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless beautiful love stories, each one unique and cherished in its own way. Recently, I had the honor of photographing the heartwarming wedding of Thomas, a dashing pilot, and Lilah, a compassionate nurse. For instance, from the moment I met them, it was evident that their love was pure and their bond unbreakable.

Thomas and Lilah’s journey began with a chance encounter, as if destiny had orchestrated their paths to cross. Then, their love story unfolded gracefully, and with every frame I captured, their love shone brighter.

In short, Lilah and I quickly formed a special connection, sharing mutual interests and passions. It was heartwarming to see how she and Thomas nurtured their love. In effect, it was just as they did with the baby chicks they raised together one summer. Undeniably, a relationship takes care, tenderness, and devotion.

In this case, the couple’s hope for their wedding day was simple: to savor every moment with their cherished friends and family. Thus, leaving the details to the professionals like me. In sum, their wedding was a perfect reflection of their personalities – sweet, down-to-earth, and genuinely fun. At the enchanting Izenstone, Lilah’s family farm in Spanish Fort, Alabama, their love story came to life.

The idyllic setting of Izenstone set the stage for a classic Southern wedding, with its stone fireplaces and rustic charm. What made the day truly magical was the surprise Thomas and I had planned for Lilah – baby ducks to snuggle, which now represented their future while reminding them of their journey to get this point. Seeing the joy light up Lilah’s eyes as she discovered the adorable new additions to Izenstone was a moment I knew I had to capture forever.

Throughout the day, family played a central role, symbolizing the love and support that would always surround them. From heartfelt vows exchanged beneath a custom rustic wood arch to laughter-filled toasts that echoed across the farm, the significance of family in Thomas and Lilah’s lives was palpable. Thomas, the dashing groom, couldn’t help but share a playful remark about their love’s unfolding timeline, saying, “Lilah and I fell in love the moment we laid eyes on each other. It just took Lilah about 8 months to realize it.”

As I reflect on Thomas and Lilah’s special day, I am reminded of the power of love and the joy of capturing unforgettable moments. Their wedding was a testament to the beauty of a Southern Alabama wedding, where love takes flight, just like Thomas’s pilot wings and Lilah’s nurturing heart.

Lilah & Thomas,

Thank you for allowing me to share in this special day. I enjoyed getting to know you, laughing throughout your wedding day and of course, snuggling baby ducks! I can’t wait to see your adventure unfold.

– Jesi Wilcox

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