Malaga Inn Wedding in Historic Downtown Mobile

Experience the enchantment of a Malaga Inn wedding, nestled in the heart of downtown historic Mobile, AL. From the bride’s delicate lace veil to the ornate charm of the getting ready space, and the bride and groom framed against the backdrop of Southern architectural details, this celebration epitomizes tradition and elegance. Witness how your vision of a classic Malaga Inn wedding can gracefully come to life in this captivating location.

Brittney + Colin

Photographer: Jesi Wilcox | Venue: Malaga Inn, Mobile, AL | Invitations: The Knot | Hair Stylist: Caroline McDonald | Makeup Stylist: Hailey Spurlock | Officiant: Mickey Jett (FOG) | Florist: All A Bloom | Caterer: Naman’s | Cake: Flour Girls | DJ: Good Tyme’s Entertainment

A Southern Fairytale: Brittney and Colin’s Classic Wedding at Malaga Inn, Mobile, AL

Brittney and Colin’s wedding was a timeless union that perfectly embodies the spirit of a traditional Southern wedding. Their wedding at the historic Malaga Inn in Mobile, AL. Undeniably steeped in elegance and Southern charm, it was a day the guests won’t soon forget.

Brittney and Colin’s journey to love began with a flirtatious spark at a football party in Auburn, back in 2016. Graduating from different universities and embarking on their separate paths, fate had more in store for them. The turning point arrived in August of 2018 when both of them said “yes” to the forever journey by getting engaged.

In any event, their wedding day at the Malaga Inn was a reflection of their shared history and their anticipation for the future. The Malaga Inn in the downtown historic district provided a unique backdrop that echoed the traditions of Southern elegance. From the ornate invitations created through The Knot to the soft purple dresses worn by the bridesmaids, every detail was meticulously curated.

From time to time, a bride is a vision of timeless grace. By all means, Brittany was this type of bride. She wore a classic lace dress paired with a long veil adorned with matching lace. By the time she prepared for the day, the antique gold mirror at the Inn captured her radiance. For this reason, I created a memory and a moment of quiet elegance. I did this by capturing her in the golden mirror as she dressed for the day.

As a wedding photographer, my goal is to capture moments that transcend time, reflecting the unique essence of each love story while embracing the unique architectural elements of the venue. Brittney and Colin’s bride and groom portraits were a testament to the luxury and charm of Southern romance. From the elegant porch of the Inn to the modern downtown setting, every frame captured the depth of their connection.

The heart of the wedding, the ceremony, unfolded in the charming courtyard of the Malaga Inn. As soon as they were surrounded by loved ones, Brittney and Colin exchanged vows. The warmth of their connection resonated as can be seen. During which the elegant backdrop of the Inn’s historic architecture added a touch of grandeur to the intimate moment.

The reception echoed with laughter, love, and the promise of a future filled with shared dreams. The couple was most excited about dancing at the wedding. Against the backdrop of the Malaga Inn’s outdoor space, Brittney and Colin danced the night away, celebrating their love story amidst the embrace of their loved ones.

A joyful bubble send-off was a fitting conclusion to a day filled with happiness and love. As the bubbles floated through the air, they seemed to carry with them the promises made, the laughter shared, and the dreams of a future as bright as the Southern sun.

– Jesi Wilcox

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