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Jesi Wilcox

Moss Rock Preserve Engagement, Birmingham, AL

Moss Rock Preserve Engagement

This Moss Rock Preserve engagement session was so. much fun! I recently had the pleasure of capturing an engagement session that was nothing short of magical. As a luxury wedding photographer in Alabama, I always find joy in discovering unique stories through the lens, and this session at the Moss Rock Preserve in Birmingham was no exception!

First off, let me tell you about the amazing couple – they radiated love and authenticity from the moment we met. Engaged and ready to embark on their journey together, their connection was palpable. What made this engagement session stand out, though, was the inclusion of their furry friend, Charlie! 🐾


Now, let’s talk about the location. The Moss Rock Preserve in Birmingham served as the perfect backdrop for their modern and editorial engagement photos. Alabama’s natural beauty was on full display, with rocks, trees, and nature creating an enchanting outdoor environment. The couple effortlessly blended with the picturesque surroundings, creating moments that were both timeless and contemporary.

As we strolled through the preserve, I couldn’t help but notice the play of shadows on their faces – a photographer’s dream! We found unique angles and structures that added an extra layer of depth to their engagement photos. It was like capturing their love story within the folds of nature and architectural wonders.

Moss Rock Preserve Engagement
Moss Rock Preserve Engagement
Moss Rock Preserve Engagement
Moss Rock Preserve Engagement
Moss Rock Preserve Engagement
Moss Rock Preserve Engagement
Moss Rock Preserve Engagement

Charlie, the four-legged family member, stole the show! His playful antics and loving presence added an extra layer of charm to the session. The couple’s interactions with each other and their dog were so genuine and heartwarming, making every shot a treasure.

In the world of Alabama engagement photography, this session was a true gem. Birmingham, with its mix of urban charm and natural beauty, provided the ideal canvas for this couple’s love story. So, here’s to capturing love, laughter, and a bit of architectural magic – because when shadows meet authenticity, the result is pure photographic bliss!

-Jesi Wilcox

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