Why Photography Over Video

Will you prioritize photography over video? See which brides are preferring and why.

Why photography over video? See why brides are choosing one over the other.

Why photography over video? It’s up to you decide, but here are some reasons why I see brides choosing photography over video as they plan their wedding.

Video is a huge part of our lives these days and definitely has a place at a wedding, but will you invest your budget just as much with a videographer or let your guests capture their own amazing video moments on their phones? 

I get asked a lot about videography packages and I want to take a minute to help you understand the difference between video and photo and why you may want to invest more in your wedding photography. 

Here’s why a lot of brides are opting out of pro video and opting into high-end photography. 

Artwork in One Stunning Shot

While videography has its perks, there’s something truly magical about capturing your special day in a single, stunning shot. As a photographer, I know how to seize every emotion without missing a beat. With just one well-timed shot, I can encapsulate the essence of your wedding, ensuring that each moment is immortalized in stunning detail. While videography has its merits, photography tends to take the lead in preserving your precious moments. Plus, you can frame your perfect artwork at the end of the day.


Unlike videography, which often requires multiple long takes, photography is efficient and unobtrusive. Photography allows you to stay focused and on schedule throughout your day. Unlike videography, which often requires multiple long takes, photography is efficient and unobtrusive. When you have to stop and recreate a moment over and over again for the camera, it takes away the genuine emotion. I work seamlessly behind the scenes, capturing every smile, tear, and embrace without interrupting the natural flow of your day. 

Behind the Scenes Video

With the high quality phone videography, you can get a ton of video that shows all the ins and outs of your wedding day that a videographer just can’t capture. 

Budget For The Best

By limiting your budget on video, you can spend more on a high-end photographer to make sure you capture all the stunning magazine worthy moments and each genuine laugh and tear.

Timelessness In Photos

Furthermore, photography offers a timeless quality that transcends trends and fads. While video can be a fantastic addition to your wedding memories, it’s photography that truly captures the essence of the moment. From candid shots to formal portraits, each photograph tells a story that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

I fully support brides who are going all in and having a photographer and videographer, but if you have to choose one, I’d suggest photography (of course I am biased!). Ultimately, the decision to prioritize photography over videography comes down to personal preference. However, many couples find that photography provides a perfect balance of capturing the moment while allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their wedding day. 

So when it comes to preserving your most cherished memories, trust in the power of photography to capture every precious moment with beauty and grace. If you are ready to talk about how I can capture the perfect moments of your wedding day with authentic and genuine photography, CLICK HERE.

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